ABDUCTED: 30 People Share Stories Of Being Kidnapped By Their Own Family Members

22. My Mam kinda kidnapped me and my brother when I was 6 or 7 and he was 3.

“My Mam kinda kidnapped me and my brother when I was 6 or 7 and he was 3. I don’t know if my dad knew where we were going but in the months leading up to the move my parents would scream at each other while I sat upstairs and listened and my brother slept. One day my Mam told us we were going to visit her Mam about a seven-hour drive away. Since we visited all the time this didn’t seem unusual, when we got there everything was fine but we were told to go to our room and stay there. After a while my Mam came up and told us we were never going back home again. I remember being confused thinking we were just on holiday and we were going back for school (I was very concerned about missing school). But we continued living at my grandparents’ until my Mam rented a house close to them. I saw my dad a few months later when he was allowed to come see us in a parked car where my Mam left us and dad got in the car and started crying and telling us he didn’t choose this. He didn’t stay for long and we went back to our rented house where we lived for about 2 years until my parents for back together and we moved away again to a new place. Things are more stable with them now and I live in my own place so they can’t displace me anymore but the sudden removal of my normal life really messed me up for a while. I don’t think my brother even remembers most of it.”


23. When I was around 4, my dad kidnapped me for around 3 weeks.

“For most of my childhood, my parents were in an extremely toxic relationship often ending with them fighting each other to a bloody pulp on a regular basis. Every act they did was just to passive aggressively piss off the other one, including the time my father kidnapped me.

When I was around 4, my mother was trying to kick dear ol’ dad out of the house, which he obviously didn’t want to (he was also joint homeowner, so I dunno if the law is with or against him here), so to try and force her hand at letting him stay, he kidnapped me for around 3 weeks.

It wasn’t really negative and I sort of had fun since he was usually distant with me before then, so spending time with him was all right, I guess?

I’m not sure how he was able to hide from the police though, since he was keeping me at my grandmother’s house which I would have expected to be one of the first places the police investigate.”


24. I was technically kidnapped by my father when I was 9.

“I was technically kidnapped by my father when I was 9. My parents were going through a nasty divorce. During a court thingy, my mom accused my dad of being abusive (he wasn’t) and got the judge to mandate supervised visits and for him to not take us out of the county. Which sucked becuase he lived in the next county over.

In August, my dad’s father died. The funeral home was basically in between the county lines. My mom knew full well. She called the cops and reported my brother and I as being kidnapped.

Got pulled over a couple minutes from the funeral home. He got handcuffed and put in the back of the police car. He begged the officer. After a few minutes, the officer let him go.

This officer actually was the nephew (or cousin or something) of the judge that ruled over the divorce case. He called the judge and talked to him.

The judge was furious with my mother when he found out she called the police to report a ‘kidnapping.’ Almost had her arrested for it. He ended up dropping the supervised visits and lifted the county restriction (but still kept us on a state restriction).

Nasty divorce. Lots of lies and shit. Lots of bad memories.”



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