ABDUCTED: 30 People Share Stories Of Being Kidnapped By Their Own Family Members

19. My father kidnapped me for a few days when I was like two.

“My father kidnapped me for a few days when I was like two. I don’t remember most of it. I do remember that he was why I’ve always lived with my mother. I finally talked to him 24 years later and he was a jackass. Spent the whole time blaming everything on my family. I realized I was better off without him. He’s dead now and I’m not. Guess that means I made out better.”


20. My dad kidnapped me and my brothers when we were little.

“My dad kidnapped me and my brothers when we were little. He was abusive and we weren’t supposed to see him for some time. One day he showed up at my mom’s house and took us all. My mom called the police he eventually got caught and we were taken back home. Being 5 years old and someone who struggles with anxiety, this was a pretty terrifying experience. I remember my dad was yelling at us and telling us that we aren’t going back home.”


21. My told that my dad called the day we went missing saying she would never see us again and that we were his.

“My parents separated when I was 6. My dad was an alcoholic who wasn’t ever really right in the head always doing and saying crazy things. He had weekend visitation. When I was about 10 he came to my school on a weekday and picked up me and my younger sister, he said my mom said it was OK. He never had a stable living situation so he took us to some random person’s house I had never been to before. It all seemed strange but normal since he was always doing weird things and he always intimidated me as a kid so I didn’t question what was going on.

A day goes by and we don’t go to school. My sister and I are sleeping in a room in this random house with the housemate’s younger daughter. Two beds and a walk-in closet. There’s a butter knife jammed between the door frame and the handle to the closet. I don’t ask why. Later that day my dad says he’s taking me and my sister to a farm to see bunny rabbits! I’m excited as I love animals, I grew up with pet rats and cats. We get to this farm (I remember driving in the bed of the truck with my sister, this was back in 1994) we get out and there’s all these bunnies in cages. My dad picks up one and hands it to me and says to hold onto it we’re taking it back to the house. I’m super excited thinking I just got a pet rabbit! I hold it all the way back to the house, when we get there we walk into the room I slept in. My dad then goes to the walk-in closet with his buddy who owns the house I suppose. They wiggle the butter knife out and open the door. I see a big branch and fake plants and AstroTurf on the ground. I look inside and there is a python about five feet long curled up on the floor. My dad takes the bunny and throws it in. I then proceed to watch this giant snake eat my bunny. It terrified me and confused me. I started crying. He said we had to buy it food that’s why we went to the bunny farm. I go to sleep that night terrified that snake is going to escape and eat me and my sister.

The next day we still didn’t go to school. My dad says I’m helping him build a fence in the front yard. I was always a tomboy so I was excited to get the snake and bunny off my mind with a project. Enthusiastically, I help him dig post holes and cut material. My dad goes inside for whatever reason and leaves me and my sister in the front yard. Not 30 seconds after he walked inside my mom and grandma fly up on the lawn and jump out of the car yelling at us to get in. We don’t hesitate and jump right in the car leaving the front yard, my dad not even seeing us go. My mom and grandma are frantic crying and saying they can’t believe they found us. My mom starts to tell me that my dad called the day we went missing saying she would never see us again and that we were his. My mom and grandma called the police but nothing really came of it within the first couple days. So they got in the car and started driving around different cities they thought he would be in looking for us. My mom just happened to be in the right place at the right time and saw us out front of this house. At least that’s what she told me when I got older. Idk if this counts as kidnapping but after the bunny incident and not going to school I genuinely thought I was never going to see my mom again.”



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