ABDUCTED: 30 People Share Stories Of Being Kidnapped By Their Own Family Members

16. My dad picked me up from school when I was in kindergarten…

“It was during my mom and dad’s divorce. I was like five so I don’t remember much.

My dad picked me up from school when I was in kindergarten and we rushed back to the house. He told me to grab some things that I wanted to take, and that we were in a hurry. I don’t remember much about it aside from the fact that I wanted to bring this rug I had, but couldn’t. He mentioned something about getting me a new one. I remember the house being empty almost.

Then we get to his parents’ house that’s like 15 or so minutes out of town by the base. The only thing I remember is that they had a flat screen plasma 90s TV which was like a status symbol at the time. The screen was like those holographic 3D cards and they’d be pissed about me touching it. I also remember eating Apple Jacks, and reading The Velveteen Rabbit. They force fed me apples because they apparently were like Apple Jacks, which I remember crying and never really eating fruit again.

I also remember drawing on this printer paper that was really long and had the holes on the sides that could be torn off. The paper was folded and at the folds it could be torn. Then I remember playing this Ghostbusters game on this old ass computer thing on the floor. It was green and the screen was black.

I don’t remember going home, the rest of the thing, or anything. Turns out my mom didn’t know he took me, the school was like wtf, and the police led her to my location.

He only did it to use me as a way to get all of her shit in the divorce. You want your daughter, give me everything but the house.

That was only the beginning of the shit storm, so it’s probably good I blocked it out. It got real ugly later on. As in lots of police involvement and court. One of his lesser offenses was that he was planning on murdering my mom and I so we had to pack up and move the next day, due to suggestion of the police.

He’s dead, though, so that’s good.”


17. My sister and I were kidnapped as babies in the mid 60’s.

“My sister and I were kidnapped as babies in the mid 60’s. Our dad went to work, our grandmother came to our house in the city, packed us up lock, stock and barrel and brought us to the beach. I didn’t see our dad until his mother’s wake/funeral in 1992.

We were always told that he hated us, never gave money for support, that side of the family didn’t want to have anything to do with us, he tried to kill us by putting tape over our mouths…

Well, at the wake/funeral, talking with my father, I found out that he DID send support although he was never allowed to see us(my grandmother ripped the cheques up and sent em back) and that his mother had held onto dresses to give us when she saw us again: she never did. Pissed off and hurt doesn’t even come close to how I felt learning all this shite. And it was good that my grandmother was already dead.

And my sister kidnapped her own kids because her husband at the time decided to torture her during the divorce by saying that he was going to kill himself and let the kids find him. She freaked out and took the kids, wound up in a looney bin and lost custody of the kids.”


18. Father has really bad bipolar that was never treated. Sometimes his mania gets crazy.

“Father has really bad bipolar that was never treated. Sometimes his mania gets crazy. For Christmas he took me to Montana to see some of his friends. No big deal. On our way back he refused to bring me home to my mom (they were split up, she had custody). So my mom and her then BF end up chasing down my dad as I’m texting them the turns he makes trying to lose them. Finally they catch up and he stops. He and my mom’s BF get out and yell at each other as I’m moving my stuff out of his vehicle into my mom’s.”



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