ABDUCTED: 30 People Share Stories Of Being Kidnapped By Their Own Family Members

7. My biological father kidnapped us from Iowa and took us to New Mexico.

“So I was like 3, my sister was 4 and my brother was an infant. My biological father kidnapped us from Iowa and took us to New Mexico, where he left us with our grandmother, his mom, for 8 months. While we were living with my grandmother, I guess my mom would call looking for him and looking for us, and grandma would tell my mom she didn’t know where he was and she didn’t know where we were. She even cut me and my sister’s hair off to make us look like little boys so no one would recognize us. I guess one day my biological father came to his mom’s and kidnapped us again from her this time, where she called my mom and told her what was going on. Mom got on a bus and came to get us. I don’t remember much because I was so little but I remember this part, he had taken us to a homeless shelter where the police found us. They arrested him and kept us safe until our mom got there and took us back home on a bus. I didn’t find out how long we had actually been gone until I was in college, like 18 years old, talking with my mom about it. From my memory the whole thing seems like just a span of days, not months. I don’t know whatever happened with my biological father’s arrest, I don’t know what they charged him with, I don’t know if my grandmother ever even got in trouble. I never talked to him and he died when I was 16. Of course, I don’t associate with that side of the family at all either.”


8. My alcoholic grandfather and aunt waited outside my gran’s house one day and took my sister and I while we were in the garden.

“When I was 8 we went to Scotland to visit family for two weeks and v. Being so small and knowing the people taking us we went along happily. We were taken to some old castle and an indoor play gym called monkey something or other. They apparently both had been drinking the whole day and were driving around drunk with us. We started whining eventually because it’s late and cold and we wanted to go home to our mom, my grandfather got angry and called us ungrateful etc. and took us back to my gran’s and there were police everywhere. My mom had reported us missing, police had been searching for us all day, everyone was very stressed because a little girl had been attacked in the area just before we flew over. So we got out the car and there were officers and my mom running at us, it was very confusing and we thought we were in trouble. The officers spoke to us and later my mom explained what happened, why there were police and why everyone was so upset. I’ve never asked about it since so I don’t know if they were arrested/charged with anything or not, but they weren’t allowed near us for the rest of the time we were over there and we’ve never seen or really heard from either of them since.”


9. My mother and my aunt kidnapped me when I was 11.

“I really don’t know if I should tell it but I have to get it off my chest.

My mother and my aunt kidnapped me when I was 11. It was the last day of school before holidays and I was sick with a fever, my father and my sister weren’t home. Suddenly my aunt (who lives a six-hour drive away and never visited) came to a surprise visit and we had a nice breakfast. Mom was kinda in a hurry. My aunt let Something slip about a new flat, I didn’t suspect anything until then. Then I see the things my mom packed up. Aunt tries to play it cool and tells me we visit my grandparents. I panic and run into the bathroom to hide, but my mother stops me from locking the door, drags me out. My aunt puts me in her car, locks the door and drives.

I didn’t talk. For hours I was in a shock. She brings me to the town she and my grandparents live in, puts me in the flat, mom is coming shortly after. I am so stunned I don’t know what is happening. Everyone tells me I will have a better life now. I just want to see my pets, my sister and be at my home.

I didn’t hear anything from my father and sister in months. My mother doesn’t let me leave the house unsupervised. I get to walk to my grandparents with her, nothing more.

I ran away one day when I was supposed to be in school and took a six hour train ride home, having no money at all, running the last bus ride from the station to the small town we used to live in. Beg my father to let me stay. He says I can’t. I spent a night at home with them and then return to my mom who keeps all doors locked for the next year. I saw my father and sister twice. My cat ran away and died.

Worst months in my younger days were yet to come, though.

I know it’s not a typical kidnapping, it was my family after all. But looking back I consider it that, despite the fact it was my mother. A petty act of selfishness and definitely not something an adult and a parent should do.

To clarify: my parents got divorced months after this incident. Not before she took me with her.

Another thing a lot of people asked me: In the months I was on lockup my parents got through a divorce (I didn’t know that at that time cause everyone was banned to talk about my father and basically anything that could cast a bad light on my mother). My mother somehow convinced the court I was better off with staying with her, though no one asked me on that matter, and so my parents settled with a 50/50 custody, she had the right to keep me with her. When I got home to my dad and sister she had figured out I went there(six hours is a long time) and threatened to call police to retrieve me. Also unknown to me, she had stripped my dad off all his money including the house. It was sold a few weeks later. That is why he said I couldn’t stay.”



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