ABDUCTED: 30 People Share Stories Of Being Kidnapped By Their Own Family Members

28. He picked us up from the house and told us we were going on a trip.

“Parental kidnapping, sort of. When I was about 3 years old by my ‘father’—I say ‘father’ because shortly after I was born, my mother’s husband who is not my biological father, adopted my brother and I as his own children. Anyway, there was nothing out of the ordinary about it—he picked us up from the house and told us we were going on a trip. If I remember correctly, he took us to Puerto Rico or to the Dominican Republic (we are Dominican; he’s Puerto Rican). But my mother wasn’t there? We didn’t think anything of it, though.

Eventually, my mother came and got us a couple of days later and took us back home to Jersey. She divorced him shortly thereafter. I vaguely remember the details, but I do distinctly remember it was an Eastern airlines flight and the captain let me and my bro into the cockpit.”


29. My alcoholic father tried to kidnap my baby brother and I one evening after a spat with my mom.

“This happened when I was very little about 2-3 yrs old I wanna say. My alcoholic father tried to kidnap my baby brother and I one evening after a spat with my mom.

In a drunken rage he quickly pushed my mom outta the way and grabbed both me and my brother. He somehow managed to buckle my bro in and I was in the front seat without a belt.

While drinking recklessly thru the street he crashed the car. When the ambulance came they found me stuck to the dashboard with my forehead.

I still have the scar to this day.”


30. My mother started speaking about a new future in Poland.

“It’s amazing to see how often, in these situations, children become objects without their opinions and emotions considered.

When I was 12, my parents had just split (which was already messy enough) and this was the first summer holiday my brother and I had experienced since. Typically, we visited my grandfather (mother’s father), who lived right by the sea in northern Poland.

Days after our arrival my mother starts speaking about a new future in Poland, what moving schools could be like for us, the friends we could have (essentially wrapping it as a ‘forever holiday’ with educational benefits) and although my brother and I were suspicious we voice our objections and immediately moved on from the fantasy.

Apparently my mother hadn’t. Days later, as we’re playing on the beach, my father materializes above me, red-eyed and clearly exhausted. He doesn’t greet us and confronts my mother immediately, telling her she can’t take us away from him, asking why his calls were being ignored, threatening her with legal action. Up until then we were led to believe that he, more or less, no longer had interest in us and our lives, although the occasional calls (whilst back in the UK) would sometimes filter through.

My father drove 36 hours straight and walked the entire length and width of the beach (Świnoujście is massive) to find us and to make sure we were brought back to England.”

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