100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

12. Amanda

“I have a manager who just prioritizes shit completely wrong and it’s annoying as fuck.

‘Hey, it’s almost time for the night shift, but I’m gonna sweep in the lobby for the third time instead of making dough, even though we have three batches to make today and there’s only two of us.’ Meanwhile I’m having to balance taking and making orders and getting dishes done and delivering food.

We finally got a third day-shift person recently, and we actually started making the dough on time. I had to leave for a delivery order though and when I got back the manager was fucking sweeping again and left the new girl to do the dough by herself. Then the dough sat out for an hour (because only ONE PERSON, THE NEW GIRL) was doing it and it got really tough and the owners were mad.

Fuck you, Amanda; I hope you get fired because you’re seriously incompetent and you make my job so much more difficult than it has to be.”



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