100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

10. Christina

“Christina. She is the mean girl of the office. We actually used to be good friends, but we wronged each other. I apologized to her, but she refused to apologize because she did not think she did anything wrong… For a year, while I was dealing with infertility issues, she was going through a divorce and that was all she talked about…anytime I brought up my issues, she would usually turn it back to hers….Once her divorce was settled and I went through a third miscarriage, she told me she didn’t want to hear about it because she ‘didn’t need to deal with the negativity.’

She likes to tell people how charitable she is, but she will talk bad about clients and has no empathy. She will walk by all her coworkers (it’s a small office) and not even say hello until her one friend comes in and then she acts like she hasn’t seen her in years. She will make a big show of making plans ‘for the office’ but will exclude a couple of ppl. And she never confronts someone with a small issue…she runs to her boss or the office manager instead of taking care of it discreetly with the coworker.

She is a shallow, small-minded instigator and it would honestly be a harmonious office if it wasn’t for her.”



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