100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

98. Katie

“Fucking Katie. A 23-year-old Kardashian wannabe. Vocal fry and all, she’s the worst.”


99. Ashley

“Ashley. I work in a very large department store in the fitting room. Ashley was recently moved from the floor above us to our floor because she got into a verbal altercation with another worker. She’s been on our floor about a week or so and literally everyone hates her. She’s rude and disrespectful. She likes to order everyone around like she’s a supervisor (she’s not). She’ll point to a bag of stuff and say ‘Run it’ with so much attitude. She’s rude to customers and whenever you are telling a story Ashley will try to one-up you. For example, I picked up an extra-long shift on my day off and was complaining about it (even though I had done this to myself. It was mostly how I regretted picking up an extra shift). Then Ashley said, ‘Oh, you’re working 6 hours? Well I had to work 9 hours straight with no break! The supervisors never told me when my break was so I just worked 9 hours!’ Bitch, It’s not a contest. Then one time I was leaning against the wall for a minute (again, long shift) and Ashley said ‘You’re tired, he (referring to another worker who was slacking off quite a bit) is lazy and neither of you want to work!” These are just my encounters with her. Everyone has a problem with Ashley.”


100. Rick

“That has to be Rick. Me and Rick are the only males at our job. Rick always get his piss on the toilet seat and doesn’t clean it up. He always never flushes. He then proceeds to blame it on me when one of the girls complains.”

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