100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

94. Rob

“Rob is an idiot. Rob is sexist. Rob asks weird questions. Rob is bad at his job. Rob is lazy. Rob is vain.

Rob is an idiot: He didn’t know that sometimes when pets become ill and elderly, you have to put them down. He considered this akin to killing a grandma. He also regularly forgets my name despite having worked with me for five months. Rob didn’t know that some people get plastic surgery for other reasons than just to look hot. Rob was amazed when I tried a trash bag to make it stay secure on the can. Rob said that people of different religions shouldn’t date and the reason my Catholic dad cheated on his wife of 25 years was because she was an atheist.

Rob is sexist: Rob likes to lecture me (a woman) about my dating life. I sleep around a bit, yeah, but I’m allowed to. Rob always gets in my business about who I am dating, who I should be dating, etc. Rob thinks all women are the same. When asked about what I would do in random scenarios, he calls me another ‘lying female.’ He also hits on any girl in a skirt and cheats on his girlfriends frequently. One time, he said I looked different. He said it was probably because I looked like I put on maybe fifteen pounds.

Rob asks weird questions: ‘Are you on birth control?’ ‘Are you going to be a photographer?’ ‘Do you know it’s a sin to live with three men?’ ‘Are you smart, like do you have a high IQ?’ ‘Did you vote for Trump?’ ‘Do you like the smell of chocolate?’ ‘Can we eat jelly fish?’

Rob is bad at his job: 50% of his sales were returned last month or had to be remade. He is also always on his phone when customers are around and need help. One time he had to close by himself and forgot to turn the lights off, lock the back door, and messed up the count sheet we use in the morning to make sure our money is all in order.

Rob is lazy: Rob will sit on his phone while I make files, take the trash out, clean the break room, clean the bathroom, vacuum, count the money, wipe down the desks, help customers, take phone calls. Then he gets mad when I ask him to do the final count.

Rob is vain: One time he asked me to take photos of him posing dramatically at the window. I humored him because it was some silly shit. I took pictures for about twenty minutes as he positioned me and made sure the lighting was good. Then he sat and edited the pictures for two hours.

I can’t stand Rob.”


95.  Ben

“Names changed to protect the innocent. I have this coworker named Ben. Ben is your average neckbeard, about 5’11”, 280lbs, glasses, long matted hair, and a neckbeard that would make r/justneckbeardthings beam with pride. We’re a very small company in a very specific trade, so we all rely very heavily on each other to get work done and it’s very hard to find replacements. Ben knows this and takes full advantage by putting forth no more than 30% effort at any given time. There have been days where I have caught him literally wandering back and forth across our shop, picking up a screwdriver and taking it back and forth. As if his ridiculously slow pace and nonexistent work ethic weren’t enough, he also takes approximately 4-10 shit breaks every day. You heard that right folks, 4-10 shit breaks ‘every single day.’ And as the icing on the cake, this man NEVER showers, and leaves large amounts of what I have dubbed ‘ass flakes’ on the toilet seat. Basically a mixture of dead skin cells, pubic hairs, and sometimes literal human shit. There is no possible way he doesn’t notice it. But he never cleans it, leaving it for the next lost soul to clean it up for him. Anyway, I could go on and on about Ben but this has gotten really long. If anybody is interested I have LOTS of stories about Ben.”


96. Daryl

“Daryl, he always tries to leave first and once got super pissed-off and was doing everything in an angry way and shaking his fists because his girlfriend didn’t text him back saying bye.”


97. Joe

“Joe. He’s the WORST. He constantly repeats himself, but not throughout the day or week, immediately after he says something he says it five more times until you ‘OK’ him to death. And this is every single time he opens his mouth. Also, if you’re doing something he will linger over you and HAVE to make a comment on what you’re doing…then repeat it 5 more times.”



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