100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

91. Tiffany

“Tiffany. I work at an after-school program at an elementary school. I work directly with the kids, all she does is work the stupid table, meaning she calls for the kids over the walkie-talkie. She makes six dollars more than I do an hour, not that that’s her fault (somehow I guess sitting on your ass for three hours and making sure parents sign their kids out is more important than actually taking care of them). My issue is that she’s a lazy bitch. She calls out of work whenever she feels, mostly only working two or three days a week. On the days that she is there, she usually leaves early, sometimes only doing half her shift. And the program director lets her get away with it because she’s a doormat. Tiffany also likes to think she’s the boss and that she can tell the assistants and aides what to do. Like no sweetie, the program and director and site supervisor tell us what to do, not you. There was a lot of drama recently between Tiffany and the site supervisor because Tiffany thinks she runs the show. Tried telling the site supervisor that once all of the kids in our group were gone, we had to leave. I am scheduled to be here for three hours; therefore, I will be here for three hours, you dumb cunt. If all my kids are gone after two, I’ll go hang out with another group. She also tried getting on my case because a girl in my group was being ‘bullied’ because another girl kicked her under the table a couple times and I ‘needed to write her up.’ I can’t do anything if she doesn’t tell me what’s going on. I have almost 20 kids to pay attention to, I’m making sure kids are signing in so we don’t get in trouble with the state, if something is going on UNDERNEATH THE TABLE WHERE I CAN’T SEE then the kid needs to bring it to my attention. God, I hate her. The schools in my district are getting switched around and my supervisor out in a request to have me go with her to another school so hopefully none of us will have to deal with her anymore.”


92. Dakota

“Dakota. The girl comes in high/hungover af, every day. We sell cell phones, so she takes that as ‘hide behind the counter and play on your cell phone.’ Never greets customers, never offers to actually do her job. Gets upset when we send her to another part of the store. Complains about her life (not having a car, baby daddy probs, Facebook drama, etc.). Like, I know we stopped drug testing, but when someone is THIS lazy and makes it impossible to keep up with the work load, can we not make one exception?!”


93. Peter

“Peter. Screw this guy. The place I work at only has eight employees, plus manager. Recently it was announced that four of us would be made ‘supervisor’ to help, and he was one of the four. It literally includes zero power, it’s just a title that means ‘you’ve been here long enough to lock up at night.’ As soon as it was announced Peter has become lord over everything. He will hover right behind people’s shoulder and comment on what they do, because clearly he’s the boss now. Fuck off we all have the same damn job!!!”



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