100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

88. Kyla

“Kyla. after a few years, I got promoted above her for doing a great job. The last year I was there, she started telling clients that the reason I was promoted above her was because I had been fucking the boss.

These rumors caused my coworkers to alienate me and clients to leave the firm. I ended up leaving after HR couldn’t be fucked sustaining the complaint despite the evidence I gave them. Fuck you Kyla and fuck you, unnamed former employer.”


89. Tyler

“This guy named Tyler. He is this sassy dude who is gay and flaunts it around like crazy. In the worst ways imaginable. He tries to relate to me being bisexual, which is fine, but he always wants to tell me his sexual experiences and I hate it. Even asked him to stop. Inappropriate and a shitty worker. Sits on his phone all day while cashiering at Jimmy John’s. It’s annoying.”


90. Don

“His name is Don. When I was working first shift, he was the third shift supervisor. Don received so many complaints that they relieved him of his supervisor duties (for the second time, first time I was not an employee), and they tried to cover it up by giving him a made-up title, moving him to first (to avoid conflicts with the new supervisor), and trying to convince me that my skills would flourish on the night shift (I refused). Had to work with him for a while side by side, and he’s a walking OSHA hazard.

Fast forward three years, I’m now working 2nd shift, and I get to walk in every day and clean up every literal and figurative mess he makes.

The downside is, there is no way the place I work will get rid of him. His nose is buried way too deep in the plant manager’s ass, and because in the injection Molding business, especially in my current location, employees with experience are extremely hard to find/ acquire.”



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