100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

68. Kelly

“Her name’s Kelly. She’s a condescending bitch who won’t shut the fuck up about how sweet and intelligent her only child is. Nobody gives a fuck that he took a poop on his own in the potty the other day, Kelly. Nobody.”


69. Janice

“I have a coworker, ‘Janice,’ who brings her infant child into work, puts it on the floor, and lets it scream its little heart out all day long. I work at a desk and have to inspect the floor before I move my chair in case I run over her spawn. It makes me rage just thinking about it. Janice also likes to come into work and tell everyone the latest prank she pulled on her poor innocent husband, including but not limited to pretending she is pregnant or cheating on him.”


70. Curtis

“Where’s IT Power Trip Curtis? Fuck you, Curtis, no one thinks you’re hot shit, just give me Acrobat.”



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