100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

67. Carl

“Carl. Fuck Carl.

We make high-precision, very labor-intensive optics where I work.

Carl receives lenses after they’ve had dozens of man-hours across four people poured into them to make them perfect.

Carl then destroys the shit out of half of them and then more need to be made. He always acts as though the machines he works on are at fault rather than himself.

He acts like we should make more parts as some sort of sacrifice to him.

Worst of all, he doesn’t maintain his machine and it STINKS…and I mean it smells legitimately toxic. The third-party contractor we hire to fix machines won’t even fix his because his company won’t let him risk his health sticking his head in there.

When we got new coolants and lubricants that eliminated bacteria on their own, Carl decided that the new coolant smelled awful and corrosive and was hazardous to his health. He is currently acting as though we need to change back because the new coolant (which no one else can smell, only him) is a health hazard.

So he breaks all of our hard work. He blames us for not making enough parts or the machine for breaking the parts…never owns up to his own faults. He also insists on causing health hazards to everyone else and, when blue rectified the problem, he complains.

Fuck Carl.”



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