100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

62. Misty

“Misty, with her big fat ass she thinks she’s better than everyone because her husband is one of the head guys in the office. She treats people terribly like she’s the boss bitch of the office unless the topic is about her (e.g., her vacations or how good she is in Excel). She’s got a pretty face that she puts too much blush on (I’m a guy and I don’t know shit about makeup but Misty, seriously chill the fuck out with the blush). I want to hate-fuck her from behind so much and breed her for five kids.”


63. Brandon

“Brandon. He likes to go on about people being lazy, sitting on his phone, watching me do my job without offering to help. I got promoted from him complaining to my boss about me telling him how to do his (my) job, when she told him I was his boss now.”



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