100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

60. Russell

“Russell. He is like a human puppy. He is always bouncing off the walls and overly peppy and just acts magoo.

I like positive people, but his energy level wears me the fuck out. He’s a sales rep, and he’s very good at taking care of his clients, but it’s at the expense of the service department. He spends his free work time calling his customers and asking if they need any service on anything. It’s cool that he calls to see if they’re happy, but these people pay for service contracts where all of their service calls are covered under a blanket fee. He almost makes it not worth it for the company because he runs our service department to death. These people will let us know if they an issue that needs being fixed; please stop taking advantage of the service department because it makes it harder to fix more serious issues on time.”


61. Darrell

“Darrell. Stinks like booze every morning, red in the face and grumpy, rude to everyone. He goes to his car for a minute or two on every break, to…do something? And he always smells like beer after his lunch break, which he leaves on. Did I mention he is our receiver and drives a forklift all day? IDK why management didn’t let him go years ago.”



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