100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

52. Olga

“Olga can’t control the volume of her voice and speaks in simple padded sentences. She also has the strongest non-rhotic accent I have ever heard so when you combine the two, her voice is an absolute nightmare. She also manages to eat everything as loud as humanly possible, as though she’s making it a personal challenge to let people all over the world know that she is eating a cracker. What makes it worse is that she can’t eat her lunch in the break room like a normal person. No, she has to eat her smelly microwave dinner at her desk so that it sounds like a pack of hyenas feasting in the next cubicle over.

Olga has been working for the company for at least a decade, doing the same simple tasks, using the same computer system that has been used since 1988. Despite this, she has no fucking clue what she’s doing. I’ve seen her ask the newest person in the office for help.

She also has her computer screen set up for invert colors. At first I assumed it was because of a vision problem but I now doubt that. Something tells me it’s either a prank from a coworker or she smashed her forehead on the keyboard and doesn’t know how to change it back to normal.”


53. Anne

“Fucking Anne. I work a 4-8AM shift every Sunday morning. Anne’s shift starts at 8AM, ends at noon. EVERY SUNDAY Anne is late to the shift, which forces me to stay at the desk for extra time. Honestly, being a few minutes late is normally no big deal, but it is every single week, usually averaging on 15 minutes late. We both live in the building that we work in, so I cannot for the life of me understand how Anne is late to every single one of her shifts.

I told Anne to get up earlier so she can make it to her shift on time. She said she just can’t wake up.

Anne has walked into the building with bloodshot eyes at 5AM, while I am working, and proceeded to not come until 8:30AM to her shift. This has happened multiple times.

Anne has messaged the group chat for our coworkers asking for coverage while she’s in the middle of her shift. No one responds. This has happened 6+ times.

Anne has apologized once, then continued to be late to her shifts.

Anne seeks coverage for maybe 50% of her shifts, which she often gets, and when I had legitimate medical reasons for needing coverage, I didn’t receive it.

Anne is an RA and a desk attendant who is favored by the hall director, and yet she utterly failed at both these jobs for the entire semester.

Anne is going to be a Senior RA in a new building next year and I am so anxiously waiting for the news that she completely fails at the job.”



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