100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

50. Lucie


• despite working here for 20+ years, she still can’t do her job;
• she makes racist/insulting comments and is surprised and upset when people are offended;
• she takes FOREVER to order food; she’ll often call in an order from her cubicle, ask a billion questions about the amount of cheese on the salad she wants, ramble about the cost of extra cheese, tell an anecdote about how she’s trying to lose weight, and then decide to double the cheese;
• she is rude to people who try to help her: for example, she was having computer problems and the first IT guy who came up, Mike, couldn’t fix it, and she got frustrated with him. After he left, another IT guy came up and she just shit-talked Mike the whole time, saying stuff like ‘y est vraiment slow, eh?’ (He’s really slow, isn’t he?); and
• she has the most annoying, nasally girlish voice I have ever heard, and I want to claw my ears out every time she tries to talk to me over the cubicle walls.

Bonus: in the winter, she wears these really clunky boots and you can hear her go CLUNK CLUNK CLUNK throughout the office. In the summer though, it gets worse. She wears flip-flops every day, and the constant SLAP SLAP SLAP makes me reconsider my stance on the morality of murder.”


51. Tina

“I don’t like Tina because she takes her self-esteem issues and brings it into the workplace and is annoyingly condescending, speaks to people in a baby voice (not her natural voice), will fuck up everyone’s email with meeting invites that she messed up the first time, will instant-message you some non-important information then come out to repeat it in said baby voice MULTIPLE times, abuses running office errands, and offered condolences and hugged me four separate times when my uncle died. The last one sounds weird but I had only been working there a few weeks when he died and I do not like when people touch me. She also lies/blames others to cover up her mistakes and lied about the guy who died in a freak chainsaw accident being her next-door neighbor and being home at the time, which the guy died but she definitely isn’t his neighbor. But basically all of her annoying behavior derives from the fact that she doesn’t like that she is almost fifty and an assistant, single (everyone else is in happy relationships), and morbidly obese. I feel bad for her, but I’m there to do my job and not make her feel important.”



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