100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

48. Stazy

“Strike one, two, and 2 1/2 were when I found out that her name was Stazy. Yes, Stacy, but with a ‘z.’

The final half a strike came when she called off her second day.”


49. Mallory

“Let me tell you all the story of a girl named Mallory. Before she got a job with the entire department (only 4 people) including the manger got together once a week to play D&D and smoke weed at the boss’s house. She got a job with us and everyone in the group liked her (that ass was phat) until she got furious that my coworker/friend Ryan started dating another girl who worked there. After about a week of everyone at work treating Ryan like shit they go back to being friendly.

A few weeks later Drew (the other coworker) and Brian (the boss) ask if they could invite her to play D&D with us we say sure. We play D&D and smoked some weed like we did every week until it was time to go home I couldn’t find the bag of weed I left on the counter but it was late so I figured I must have already put it away and worst case I left it there and I would get it back in a day or two (it has happened before). Well, the weed never shows up and I begin to suspect that she took it. Ask everyone there if they know anything about it they all say something to the effect of ‘I don’t know if she took it but yeah she is the most likely person to take it’ with the exceptions of Brian who says that he doesn’t think she did.

At this point, I and Ryan both don’t like Mallory but are willing to deal with her for the sake of our friends. The D&D group breaks up a few weeks later because they want to hang out with her without us. and factions form Me and Ryan vs Brian, Drew and Mallory. Me and Brian start to get stuck with all the shitty shifts and 75% of the work because the boss is on the other side.

A few months pass and the other faction starts lose a member; I don’t know the whole story but it ends with Malloy telling drew that ‘all his friends either feel bad for him or are using him and that he should just kill himself. It is also around this time the Brian started sleeping with Mallory. (I think this is a good place to point out that Bryan is married with kids.) Brian then gets a job at another store and Mallory’s workload goes from maybe 5% to .05% tops.

I then leave for school but I am back for the summer and last week she walked into the store to steal a pregnancy test.”



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