100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

44. Gary

“Fucking Gary. He’s constantly trying to make dumb, cliché jokes that have nothing to do with anything. I’ll be at my desk working and he’ll go, ‘Geez, is it 5:30 yet?’ No Gary, it’s 9:15. Chill. I can’t have work discussions at my desk because he’ll always just interrupt with some stupid joke that has nothing to do with anything and completely derails the conversation.”


45. Matt

“My coworker cropdusts people with the worst-smelling farts ever. He also does annoying things like…

• interrupting people’s work to talk about rucking
• trying to play the “pity games”, e.g., ‘my life is SOOO HARD’ in a lot of conversations
• will not shut up about My Little Pony. He is like 30 and brags about paying for deluxe tickets to BronyCon (or whatever it is called) and paying for autographs

…and then complaining to us about how poor he is (and how he has a trip to Europe with his wife in a month)

But seriously, Matt. We know you’re the one cropdusting everyone.”



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