100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

42. Leslie

“She got fired since she was taken away by the cops after OD’ing on heroin but it was a late 20s girl named Leslie. Literally no one at my restaurant appreciated her. Everyone had something to say about her. She was an extremely diligent worker and acted like she had 10 tables literally every second she worked there. Service could be dead and have only one table and she’d still act like she had 10. We had her tell us when people came in during a buffet so we knew how many people were there, but she would still do it during a normal dinner shift, as if we wouldn’t know from the tickets she would send back. Cause of that one guy would always announce what’s he’s doing when she’s out serving tables. You could tell her something she was doing wrong and would have an excuse prepared for anything she did, such as ‘I’m so sorry, it’s just that I always work this way and I can’t help it’ yadda yadda. She got caught buying weed during her shift once and somehow didn’t get fired but was after she was taken by the cops. Also, a neighboring business told us they saw her once in a car with some guy bobbing her head up and down. I wonder what she could’ve been doing?????”


43. Suzy

“Saccharine Suzy: hyper-positive, very high-pitched voice. Everything is ‘super’ and ‘awesome’ 100% of the time and I can never tell if she is being genuine. She is also touchy and abuses motivational sayings and posters.”



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