100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

4. Jim

“Jim. You’d think as a security guard and a retired teacher, he’d have developed some skills that help him handle any situation calmly. Nope. One time this girl was having a seizure at work, Jim started freaking out so badly that it raised the mother of the girl’s anxiety so badly that she had a panic attack. Plus, he’s just so anal about everything. He absolutely must turn all computer monitors facing away from him because he’s afraid of the radiation he will get from it. Yeah, everybody has a Jim story…I hate Jim.”


5. Nathan

“This guy Nathan. We all do things we aren’t really supposed to at work like be on our phones browsing Reddit or maybe take an extra five minutes on our break. You know—harmless shit. Every time Nathan saw me do something, he reported it. Fuck you, Nathan, you piece of shit.”



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