100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

28. Jonah

“His name is Jonah. I work in an ice cream and candy shop, and this kid leaves ice cream smeared on the freezers, counters, and tables every night when he closes up. He can’t package candy for shit and refuses to learn anything. We (the rest of the staff) have sat him down several times to teach him how to properly tie and curl ribbons and how to package candies so they look nice…and he never does it right. I’m always the one that has to fix his work, all while getting behind on my own.

I trained him initially, and I told him specifically to use the purple soap to mop the floor. One night I was closing with him, and I see him pouring a blue liquid into the mop bucket. He told me that’s what he always used (he’d been working there for three months at that point). It was antifreeze. He’d been mopping the floor with antifreeze for three months.

However, he’s not the worst coworker I’ve had at this job. Just the worst one currently. If anybody wants any more stories I’m willing to share.”



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