100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

27. Frank

“This guy named Frank. We worked in food service and when he first started he seemed nice enough. Always came over to talk to me and made jokes and whatnot. We hung out outside of work a few times and that’s when I started to notice his creepiness. He started hinting at liking me and such, even though he insisted on not wanting a relationship. On top of that I have a boyfriend of two years. Anyways, he didn’t seem to like that so around Valentine’s Day he basically admitted to being in love with me and blah blah, he even stopped by for a visit when I specifically told him no like twenty times. I didn’t let him in and he sat outside for like twenty minutes before I had to threaten to call police. After this incident things at work were eh, we didn’t talk much and for a while he completely ignored me. I tried to let it go and told him that if he backed off we could still be friends (although I would never hang out with him again). It was fine for a while, with a few sprinkles of crude or disrespectful comments. Then after about two months he starts telling me how the girl I replaced was better at everything than I was and how things were better when she was working my position. I let the manager know about this and he talked to him and Frank insisted on it being a joke but that was a lie. I saw a post on Facebook later that night that he posted about a conversation he had with a friend of his talking about wanting to teepee this girl’s house because she was being petty. Was this about me? Probably. I refused to talk to him after that unless it was necessary for work. After we shut down for the semester (we work at a school), there was a picture posted on Facebook of all us coworkers. In the picture it looked like I got smacked because of the awkward time the picture waa taken. Anyways, he replied to that post saying how sometimes he wanted to smack me, too. I replied telling him I knew how to contact police and asked him to stop harassing me. He deleted the comments and messaged me asking why I don’t laugh at his jokes anymore and that if I didn’t want to talk to him anymore I didn’t have to. I never replied. I am now moving and am so glad I never have to deal with this creepy, narcissistic, emotionally immature man twice my age ever again.”



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