100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

24. Dany

“Dany loves to manage other people who she has no right to manage. She’s the head of a department, but likes to boss around people from other departments in areas where she has absolutely zero purview. Prior to working with us, she was known for not holding employment very long. Plus, she holds advanced certifications that would earn her twice as much money at other companies if she wasn’t such a failure at human interactions.

One time, she tried to impose a new policy on me without running it through the head of the department (my boss) first. When I very politely questioned the reason and rationale for the policy, she got upset. Before leaving her office, I asked to have her give the instructions in writing so they would be clear. Dany didn’t like this. She met with my boss the next day and told my boss I was ‘insubordinate.’ My boss knows me, and knows what a terrible employee Dany is, so she dismissed the accusation. As it turns out, Dany has put instructions in writing before and then gotten SUPER pissed when people have tried to quote her on her written instructions or show her the inconsistencies in a series of instructions.

One day, Dany told my boss I left early. My boss emailed me asking why I’d left early that day. I went into my boss’s office to talk about it the next morning, and I said ‘I left at 4:50, does this qualify as early to you?’ She was astounded. Dany, of course, didn’t say that I left 10 minutes early, just that I’d left early. 10 minutes is not an issue, especially when most of us arrive more than 10 minutes early and are salaried, exempt employees.

Overall, Dany is one of the worst people I have ever worked with. I told the CEO (her boss) after an incident that she created a hostile work environment. He was gathering stories from different employees and said ‘you had to use those three exact words, didn’t you….’

Anyway, she still works there and is by far the weakest link in the company. But because she technically does her job, and is hard to replace, the CEO never got rid of her. Sad. She is poison to the company.”



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