100 People Name The Person In Their Office They Hate The Most

14. Desi

“I work in a hospice with about 15 patients/guests, whatever you want to name the people living there. They are all really old or sick or both and it’s the last home they will stay at. Most of them are nice folks. When they are not nice to you it is the pain or the illness of the Alzheimer doing its horror.

Sometimes you have slow days. Everybody is quiet or sleeping. All laundry is done, all rooms are clean. The cook has the dinner ready to go in the oven and you just have half an hour to sit and have a cup of tea, talk with a ‘guest,’ and chill out.

Enter Desi. Desi is a nurse, she user to be a manager at another place before she worked with us. But with us She is just a normal nurse, she isn’t management. She is obese. She can’t lift patients alone. Short of breath, the works. Overall she is nice enough to work with, but she always lets her colleagues do the heavy work. In the time you put three people to bed, she does one. She sits on her ass taking breaks a lot. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad if she took that time to talk with the residents, but NO, she usually just watches TV then or is on her phone.

But the bad thing is, when it is slow and really all work for the evening is done she will say to her colleagues things like: ‘Oh you can go outside and have a smoke’ or ‘oh, no problem, you can go home 10 minutes earlier to catch the bus.’ All pretty normal in a good working environment where you know everyone is doing the best they can for the ill people they work for. Except now all other colleagues have figured out she has tried to throw them under the bus complaining to the big boss that people take a lot of smoke breaks and go home earlier sometimes. Spinning it in the most negative way possible. As if everybody is taking hours chatting and smoking outside while she does all the work.

I tell you, Desi, you think the boss hasn’t had a chat about this with some individual people, but she did. And she named your name, because she knows we do our work properly. And she doesn’t mind if we take five minutes to ourselves to take a little break after cleaning up the puke or poo from a dying patient. We’ve got our eyes on you now and your two-faced antics. You better make sure YOU don’t step out of line too much now yourself.”



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