If You Want To Turn A Woman Off, Do These 33 Things

Found on AskReddit.

1. Call all of your exes ‘crazy bitches.’

“Men who say all their exes are ‘bitches’ or ‘crazy.’ I’m not saying there aren’t shitty people out there, of course there are. And we’ve all dated one or five in our lifetimes. But if all the women you’ve ever been in a relationship with are the worst, maybe you are the problem, buddy.”


2. Send dick pics.

“Asking me for nudes or trying to send me nudes.

I do not want to see your penis, it will not turn me on.”


3. Treat service workers like crap.

“When he treats retail workers/servers like crap. Being embarrassed in public is not a turn on. One guy I dated did this and just called it being ‘assertive.’ I said take off the ‘ertive’ and you’d be right.”


4. Brag about your past sexual conquests.

“Bragging about past sexual conquests. Instant conversation ender.”



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