30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

29. Ovarian cysts.

“I grow cysts on my ovaries. I have since I was 15. It is chronic and painful. I HAVE to be on birth control or I cannot function because the smallest twist or even a cough can blow a cyst, which has been painful enough that I thought my appendix ruptured. Worst case scenario, I can actually destroy that ovary. I only have two.

Basically, I grow an incredibly painful ticking time bomb or two on my ovaries each month and all I can do is try not to ovulate or move too suddenly so as not to rupture one. In exchange for not rupturing them, I deal with being constantly aware of the exact location of my ovaries… Because the cysts still hurt.

TL;DR: I’m dependent on birth control not because of sex, but because my ovaries explode if I don’t take birth control.”


30. Dislocated boob syndrome.

“Guys, you know how sometimes your dick can get out of position in your underwear and it gets uncomfortable and you have to adjust it but it’s hard to find a position that’s comfortable? Boobs do that too, and it’s twice as much of a problem because there’s two of them. And god help you if one boob is perfectly comfortable but the other isn’t, because it’s pretty much impossible to adjust one without adjusting the other.”

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Read This: 30 Body Issues Women Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Men)

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