30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

25. Yeast infections.

“Yeast infections.”


26. Urinary tract infections.

“Urinary tract infections. I just wanna have sexy time without the possible side effect of pissing fire from my urethra. Guys really need to know the pain at least once.”


27. When you accidentally bump yourself in the boob.

“When you accidentally bump yourself in the boob and keep the sounds of Satan from escaping from you.”


28. Labia sweat in hot weather.

“Underboob heat rash, and labia sweat in hot weather. Even with a sports bra on, I get really itchy under my boobs because there’s no air under there and the sweat collects. Same with the labia. You think swamp ass is bad? Welcome to swamp vag. I hate that moist feeling.”


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