30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

21. It’s really great to be standing talking to clients at work and feel this immense hot sticky wetness filling your undies.

“I guarantee men do not know the fun it is to deal with tracking your cycle or checking your cervical mucus. In case y’all didn’t know that mucus (discharge) changes in color, consistency, and quantity constantly. It’s really great to be standing talking to clients at work and feel this immense hot sticky wetness filling your undies. You get concerned that someone can see the wet spot. I personally am a huge fan of how it cakes up in layers and hardens into a solid block of concrete that feels great as you walk around the grocery or play soccer. It’s somewhat acidic and will bleach out your panties or even eventually eat away and create holes. And this is a healthy vagina! It gets way worse if there is ever any type of issue and you start having pain, itching, burning, and sensitivity. And god forbid if there is ever some type of smell! Ug, you must be a repulsive human being to ever let that happen.”


22. Endometriosis can suck a dick.

“I just discovered a shitty thing about my gender.

I turns out that your uterine cells can get outside of the uterus and into your abdominal cavity where they grow long fibers that bind your organs together. This causes chronic and constant pain with no relief. You also lose functionality of your intestines and organs over time. There is no way to fix this, other than just going in and cutting the damn things off, but they always grow back.

But wait! There’s more! Remember that we get periods? So all those cells that wandered out still think they need to bleed every month. So now, instead of getting my period in my uterus, I get it pretty much everywhere.

Endometriosis can suck a dick.”


23. The incredible horniness that accompanies menstruation.

“Girls on their periods are not only savages because of pain. You are incredibly sexually frustrated because your hormones are going haywire—the agony of being incredibly horny and not being able to do anything about it (unless you have a partner into period sex) is so, so frustrating. And of course, the second your period stops, your hormones drop your horniness back to normal levels. It’s infuriating.”


24. Uteruses seem very temperamental and high maintenance.

“This will probably get buried, but I’ve got to say, I envy how simple penises seem to be. Uteruses seem very temperamental and high maintenance. Like I’ll have painful ovulation one month, ovarian cysts the next, endometriosis, the occasional yeast infection, of course periods, and frankly I think discharge is gross and stains your underwear if you don’t wear panty liners.”


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