30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

16. The irrational fear that someone will accidentally tug on your tampon string.

“The irrational fear that your tampon string is going to slip out of your bathers and some clueless person will be like you’ve got a piece of cotton and pull it and boom. There’s my plug gone.”


17. Uterine cramping.

“As a female with PCOS, I, this month, have had a period for three weeks with one off week. As I’m starting week 3 now, my uterus hasn’t quit cramping since I got up 4 hours ago. I’m already saving up to get it removed.”


18. Being obligated to remove most of your body hair.

“The shaved legs obligation (i’m in the usa). especially when traveling for an extended period of time.

really, body hair stuff in general, like, it would be cool if i didn’t ever have to think about my upper lip or the dark armpit thing you sometimes get even when you shave religiously.

also an ingrown hair (from shaving) near your lady parts suuuucks.”


19. Keeping one’s vaginal flora and fauna happy.

“The fauna and flora of a vagina can be incredibly difficult to keep happy. I have that shit down to the science, and still sometimes have trouble keeping the cat purring happily.”


20. The terrifying moment when you start your period in public and realize you don’t have any tampons.

“When you are 100% sure you started your period but you can’t go to the bathroom to check and you have no tampons and you have to sit in what you are CERTAIN is a pool of blood only when you FINALLY can break away from your meeting/class/drive you get in the bathroom and find that you’ve been panicking for nothing and there’s not a drop of blood just various forms of moisture.”


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