30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

11. Forgetting to take out your tampon.

“Sometimes like a week or so after my period is over I have this moment of panic that I have forgotten to take out my tampon and its just been chillin’.”


12. Having a bra wire pop out and stab you in the chest.

“Having a bra wire pop out and stab you in the chest. Betrayed by the same thing that is supposed to protect you.”


13. The fact that a vagina is a wet cesspool.

“How about the fact that a vagina is a wet cesspool and women can be much more adversely affected by STDs, both the contraction and the likelihood of infection? Then the urethra is right nextdoor and is only an inch long making it easier to get UTIs and bladder infections.”



“THE FEAR OF TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME! All uterus owners/period receivers who use tampons are brainwashed with this fear. It’s so unlikely, but so scary…”


15. Sharp, stabbing pain in the ovaries.

“For the past 9 years I’ve had this issue where once a month for a few days I have this immensely sharp, stabbing pain in the same spot. It’s super painful and I’ve gone to a bunch of doctors about it. Each and every one has simply shrugged their shoulders, said it’s probably an ovarian cyst, and prescribed birth control. Once they figure it’s a common enough lady problem, they give up the investigation and send me on my way.”


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