30 Body Issues Men Will Never Have To Deal With (According To 30 Women)

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Found on AskReddit.

1. Period shits.

“Period shits. Because your day just wasn’t bad enough already…”


2. Getting your hair caught in car doors.

“I know this isn’t specific to being a woman, but it generally happens to us a lot more. Getting our hair caught in car doors.”


3. Under. Titty. Sweat.




Well, maybe not worst, but that’s my pet peeve lately.

There’s also “worrying that your vagina stinks”, or having men think being nice/polite/making eye contact = I want you.”


4. When one labia flap pops out of your thong.

“When you’re wearing a loose thong and that one labia flap inside your vagina pops out and gets pinched by your jeans and you have to keep walking until bathroom.”


5. Cramps so bad it makes you puke.

“Some women get cramps so bad it makes them puke. My friend had appendicitis and said that she’s had worse pain from cramps.”


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