28 Women Confess The One Secret They Will NEVER Tell Their Boyfriend

A boy losing a good girl
Unsplash / Allan Ferreira

4. I love exceptionally big dicks.

“My love of exceptionally big dicks. I love a huge cock, no joke. My SO, he’s plenty but my word, show me a big dick picture/porn and it’s instant meltdown in Ladytown.”


5. He doesn’t know that two of my cousins forced me to give them both oral before taking turns raping me.

“He knows that from the age of 13 to17 I had been in a very abusive, sexual relationship with an older gay neighbor who used blackmail to make me do what he said. He knows that when it became known and the neighbor had been arrested and sent to prison that I was tormented and ridiculed for it, like by everyone, generally treated like I was sick and disgusting for it.

What He doesn’t know is that shortly after the neighbor was arrested two of my cousins came around and invited me over to their place to get high. Everything was cool until they started hitting me and then forced me to give them both oral before taking turns raping me.”



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