28 Women Confess The One Secret They Will NEVER Tell Their Boyfriend


19. I don’t think he realizes I’d literally die without him.

“I don’t think he realizes I’d literally die without him. He saved my life when I was still living with my abusive parents and has caught me right on the edge of killing myself. He’s the light of my life and if he goes I may not make it. But I don’t want to say something cause I feel I would come off as holding him down.”


20. I was molested twice.

“I was molested twice. Once when I was really young by a neighbor in our apartment complex, and another time in my teens by my step-brother. I told my dad about it later, but he didn’t believe me until years later.

Also, getting my credit score together, have a separate bank account, and am planning on buying a house back in my home town (30ish) mins away from where we are now. I’m unhappy in our current living situation (moved in with his elderly grandparents, and am constantly surrounded by nurses, his family, maid. I need to space out, have control over my living arrangements, be my own person in a house I can take pride in.) we’ve always rented, and it never felt like “mine.” I need MY own space :( I know he doesn’t want to move, but anytime I try to talk to him about what I feel, or need, he dismisses it as something else. I’m being crazy, acting silly, we don’t have the money. I’m budgeting it out so that I can pay for everything with my paycheck, and not his.”


21. I’m disappointed about his lack of progress.

“Actually, I’m disappointed about his lack of progress, but I can’t say anything about it in fear to ruin his motivation.”



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