26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

19. At Night In A Mining Town

Visiting a friend who lives in a community with a main road that leads back into the mountains and an abandoned mining town. I was parked with my friend on that road right at the point where it turned from a well-light, regular suburban road into a dark, winding mountain road. There was a gate right behind our car and you could see the reflective sign illuminated from the brake lights of the car.

We’re talking and drinking coffee and generally not feeling too out of place or anything. We were parked under the last street light before darkness on a road perpendicular to that gate. Out of nowhere my friend looks in the rear view mirror and his eyes go wide. He slams on the gas and we speed off, he’s breathing hard and obviously scared. I scream at him to tell me what the fuck happened and he says this-

By chance he pressed the brake lights which illuminated more of the dark surroundings than the normal running lights of the back of his car. This caused him to notice that when he glanced in the rear view mirror a full grown man in what he described as “large boots and a dirty, dark, thick jacket and dirty pants” in a full on SPRINT towards our car, and so my friend sped out of there.

There were always stories of what goes on down in that abandoned mining town. A lot of movies are filmed there, and people can visit the town and a ranger lives there. Some people say occult shit goes on there. People have been found murdered and robbed down along that road, and evidence of cult practices also happens every once in a while according to people who live there. When my friend was telling me what he saw all I could think of was that guy grabbing us, robbing us and murdering us. Throwing our bodies in the thick foliage that covers so much of the area around the thin road.

I looked over and my door was unlocked.


20. *Tap, Tap*

When I was 9, I slept over at my best friend’s home one day. In the middle of the night I heard this faint tapping on the window. I saw a silhouette of a man with his hand on the window, just looking through the curtain and tapping slowly. I woke my friend up, he saw it and we ran to his parent’s room.

Now, just last month, I was talking to my bestfriend and he brought up the that happened. Turned out to be very frequent as it happened before in the past. One day, my best friend’s dad hid behind the shed waiting for the same guy to tap the window again but never showed up.

They moved out obviously.



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