26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

17. More Than Just A Thief

I was 11 and living in the States. My parents and I lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood. One day my dad noticed a lawn chair had been dragged through from outer back garden to the front at my parents window. The sealing of the window had almost completely been removed. Basically someone had meticulously taken the time to take the sealing out of a window in order to pop it out. Turns out the week prior a neighbor’s house had been broken into, so we chalked it up to someone trying to steal our shit.

Over the next month, things like this kept happening until eventually my mother was being driven so crazy by the idea of someone being this desperate and not getting caught that she ended up staying in the guest room near the front of the house with a golf club handy.

The night we caught the fucker is still so vivid. I was up watching late night cartoons as a lot of kids do when my dog started growling so low and deep I started to freak the fuck out. I’d never heard something so menacing before and I instantly knew that somethings was wrong, every hair on me stood up. He was staring straight ahead at my window where the blinds were drawn, but it was as if he could see someone right through them. Next thing I know, I hear my mum scream at the top of her lungs, “CAUGHT YOU NOW FUCKER!”. As any smart 11yo would, I ran out of my room as quick as lightening to see my mother busting out the front door and chasing this asshole down our little suburban street with a golf club. Obviously the guy was too quick and got away.

The police were called and within the next 20 minutes, the guy was in the back of a police cruiser. My mum was called out to identify him and as she confirmed he was the right guy, the officer who had entered his name into whatever system they used turned to his college and said “Registered sex offender on Parol”. I was old enough to know what that meant. The next day my mum did her research and found the guys name/history. Turns out he was in jail for previously raping a 12yo girl. The guy wasn’t just trying to steal our possessions, he was a fucking child molester. She later spoke to a friend who lived 3 streets away from us; turns out she’d been given the piece of paper that said he had moved into their vicinity. The entire experience is still quite surreal to me. All those what-ifs hung around for a while, but we didn’t let the bad vibes get to us too much knowing the guy had been thrown back in jail.


18. A Child’s Offhand Comment

One night while tucking my 2 year old (now 4) to bed. I asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me that she used to be a grown-up. She said that when she used to be a grown up, she was my grandmother. (My grandmother passed away in 2007) she then proceeded to tell me a story about a kitchen mishap where my grandmother tripped and spilled boiling water when I was young and playing near her feet. Freaked me the fuck out. I’ve asked her several other times since and really haven’t heard anything since. Very strange though to say the least.



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