26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

14. *Knock, Knock*

Econo Lodge in South Carolina. People were knocking on our windows at night, then on the other side of the walls. My mom built a barricade on the door and called the cops. Took them 25 damn minutes and when they got there they said nobody was there, we left and went to a nice Holiday Inn. I was 10 and it was just awful.


15. Who’s Scared Now?

Stayed home from work one day and was cooking around lunch time. Heard a knock on the door and quietly checked the peephole. Didn’t know the guy so I just went back to cooking. I start hearing these weird noises at my door and can see the top of his back when I checked the peephole again. I stroll over and grab my nightstand 40 cal. Walk back to the front door and just swing it open violently when he got it unlocked. With my pistol by my side I calmly ask him “can I help you” and he does a full backwards summersault down the stairs and ends up running off with a serious limp. I’ve seen him in the park twice prior to me moving a few months later (he would avoid eye contact and bolt).


16. Only One Way Down

Visited my folks’ mausoleum to pay respects. Weekend. Clear weather, about 9-10 in the morning. It’s an outdoor one, two stories, U-shaped, built around a courtyard. Open side to the north. Parked about 50 yards away. Glanced up as I parked and observed a male, dressed in a black suit, white shirt, I think black tie, looked Hispanic, clean shaven, early to mid 30’s. He walked toward a sink/cutting station in the NW corner of the second floor, where my parents niche is, then pivoted and walked back south out of my line of sight because of the layout. [Probably about ten feet on the second level was visible from where I parked.] I turned to pick up my flowers from the passenger seat then immediately exited the car. Walked the 50 yards and up the flight of stairs– and no one there. After paying respects I confirmed the stairs were the only way down.



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