26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

6. In The Hotel Bar

I work in a medium sized city hotel, for some reason we seem to attract the weirdos. First story happened to the late duty manager as she was doing her nightly walk around before handing over to the night porter (about 2300)

As she’s walking around checking all the doors that should be closed/locked are, she finds the door to one of the function rooms is unlocked, she walks into the room, the lights are off and as it’s dark out she flicks on the light to check the area. Stood in the middle of the room, in the pitch dark is an older woman, slightly disheveled and crazy hair (Think bag lady) just staring at her. Now this woman has obviously come into the hotel much earlier in the day, or she would have been noticed as she walked past reception and down the hall to the function room, turned out she’d been stood in there in the dark for a good few hours.

DM tells her to leave, she just stares daggers at her and walks out without saying a word.

The second story happened to the night Porter at the same hotel. Following a report that something had gone missing from the staff room one night, we reviewed the cctv tapes the next day.

It turned out that some bloke had managed to get in through an unsecured delivery entrance downstairs and nicked some belongings from the staff room one night, the creepy thing is, having done this, instead of leaving the way he came, he went upstairs, through the kitchen and into the bar.

Now the bar is separated from reception (where the NP spends most of his shift) by a curtain, the intruder then proceeds to spend a good 4 hours just peering through a gap in the curtain at the porter, when the night porter comes into the bar area to set up for breakfast, this bloke just ducks behind the bar and continues to stare at him. Eventually as the sun comes up and the NP goes to the toilet (or wherever) the guy just walks out the front door.

Even just watching the tapes creeped me out. You could see the NP felt uncomfortable just by the way he looked around all night. After we showed him the tapes he said he had felt uneasy that night, but didn’t know why.

We never caught the creepy thief, the creepy lady however does make an appearance every now and again, generally trying some odd stuff, but most of the time we catch her before she manages to scare anyone else half to death.


7. Ninety Nine Isn’t One Hundred Percent

I was seeing a girl occasionally, friends-with-benefits setup. About 2 months into our fling, I have a ridiculously vivid dream of the girl having a C-Section and giving birth to my son. I can remember holding my son, the feel of his warm, smooth, fragile skin, in this dream. I remember dreaming about looking into his milky blue eyes, smelling his milky-breath as I bent down to kiss him. . . This dream was POWERFUL realistic.

I told her about it. She laughed. She has an I.U.D. in, she tells me, and cannot get pregnant. Phew. Just a silly, albeit realistic, dream.

We have a good laugh at my expense.

Fast Forward 3 months, she’s gained some weight and is having strange bouts of nausea. So goes to the Doctor. She was pregnant, with an I.U.D. (and the use of condoms 99.8% of the time), at the time of my dream.

The doctor says at one point: “Too bad you didn’t play the lottery that day. 99% isn’t 100%.” They remove the I.U.D. – 4 months later, she has a baby boy.

In the delivery room she jokes: At least we don’t need a C-Section.

16 hours of labor later – emergency C-Section.

He turns 1 on April 5th (Just a few days from now).

Pretty awesome – but still creepy.



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