26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

25. The Screaming Woman

When I was 19 I was driving back from my girlfriend’s house at around 1 in the morning. I see this SUV parked at a closed gas station, with a woman screaming for help. And I mean screaming! Like the most terrifying scream I’ve ever heard. So I pull over to see what she needs. Then I see this huge guy laying on the ground behind the SUV, his head surrounded in a pool of blood. Now I am thoroughly freaked out. The woman looks Spanish and all she keeps saying is help over and over again. So I call 911 and give them the intersection the gas station is at. There is nothing around for miles, just forest in every direction. While I’m talking with the 911 operator, the woman stops screaming and gets into to passenger seat of the SUV. The man on the ground gets up too and gets into the driver seat. I’m still on the phone with 911 when I see the woman pull out her own phone and start casually speaking in Spanish. It is at this point I realize there is another huge guy sitting in the back seat. I have no idea what to think but I know I need to get out of there. Then they just slowly pull away like nothing happened. It’s a good thing I never got out of my car or things could’ve been a lot worse. I still don’t know what they were doing, but I’m glad I didn’t find out.


26. Soul Eater

A few months ago I had a random encounter with a crazy lady out front of my apartment. It was around 3am, and I had went down stairs for a smoke. I notice there’s this woman standing out in the middle of the street and it’s pouring rain, so I ask if she’s okay. She just ignores me so I went back to browsing through Reddit.

As I start walking back to the entrance I’ve got to turn a corner, and of fucking course, she’s standing nose tip to nose tip with me.

Now, I’m not a small guy, but this 5 foot 60 something year old Asian lady was fucking terrifying. I’ve come across wolves and wild boars in the wild, had a knife pointed at me, even had a gun pulled on me, but Jesus fuck she has haunted my shit since.

She was bawling, but also somehow looking someone just said Nickleback was their favorite band, you know, fucking furious. She starts screaming at me in a deeper voice than expected saying that I knew she would be there, and that I knew her true name. Me, being higher than Snoop Doggs sperm, promptly nope the fuck out of there. She starts laughing as I walk to the door and says her name is fucking Soul Eater, like some early 2000s toonami anime villain type of shit.

Yeah, fuck her. I still have a dream about her every few weeks now.

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