26 People Share The Real Life Terrifying Run-Ins And Close Calls That They Can’t Forget

22. A Scratching Sound

My Dad’s previous house was really creepy. When he first moved in I had a very eerie feeling, kind of like the house had something bad happen in it, but I tried to disregard this. Over the years I couldn’t shake the feeling of unrest whenever I visited. One day Dad, myself and my sister were driving and Dad mentioned that the previous owners (Mum, father and son) were killed in a car accident. About ten years ago, my sister and I were in the room downstairs where I slept in when I visited. We were just chatting, we didn’t have the radio or TV on. My Dad had gone out. Suddenly we heard this strange scratching noise coming from the wardrobe area. We ignored it and kept talking, but the scratching sound continued. It literally sounded like fingernails scratching on wood. My sister went over to the wardrobe to investigate and put her ear to the bottom where the scratching was coming from. She put her hand in the small space under which was very narrow and pulled out a picture of what appeared to be the family that used to live in the house. Still to this day we get shivers whenever we talk about it.


23. Footprints

Went to bed one night and woke up to fresh snow. Looked outside my bedroom window to see footprints walking up to my window, standing, then walking around the side of my house.


24. Stamp Collecting

My grandmother collected stamps all her life. When she died in 2008, I got her stamp jar. Being 13 at the time, I had no interest in a jar full of stamps, so I left it on my shelf in my closet, and it was forgotten. A month ago, I found it, coated in a thick layer of dust and thought, “this may be neat” so I cracked it open to look through it. Most of the stamps were uninteresting, a couple from exotic places, but one stood out. A 2015 stamp commemorating the queen having achieved the longest reign in history. Despite the fact that she’d been dead for nearly 8 years. I have no idea how it got in there.



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