25 Things Women Get Away With That Men Can’t

• Lack of child support payments in almost all cases of custody lost, despite robust career.
• Ability to deny ex-spouse access to the children despite court-determined access, usually with zero recourse by the spouse and no sanctions by the court.
• Zero consequences (typically) for false sexual and physical assault allegations. The vast majority get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, while the man can have his socioeconomic prospects destroyed for life.
• In many places and under many circumstances, having the accused assaulter treated by the system as if they were presumed guilty until proven innocent.
• Far lower sentences for the exact same crime, with a significant minority getting off without any jail time whatsoever (/r/pussypass is a great resource for evidence).
• Cultural acceptance of child molestation and child rape (female teachers raping students, for example), with minimal to no jail sentences.
• Cultural acceptance of the act of rape (Men are told to “man up”, “you got erect, so you must have enjoyed it”, “you can’t rape the willing” and “just suck it up, buttercup”; usually get laughed clear out of most police stations and courts across the land), with minimal to no jail sentences.
• That the act of rape is not actually a crime (in some states – Idaho, etc. – , a woman is not legally capable of raping a man, as rape is defined as the sexual penetration of an unwilling woman by a man. This was also an FBI rule until 2012.)
• The “new normal” of “regret after the fact equals rape”, leading to accusations years and even decades later, when no evidence remains and it becomes a court of public opinion that typically destroys the man’s life.
• I could probably expand this list a dozen times over with more stuff, but I’m leaving this ‘suitcase nuke’ where it is – it’s already enough of a cognitive dissonance to anyone who has drunk the cool-aid of the current leftist socio-political narrative.”

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