25 Things Women Get Away With That Men Can’t

21. Sexual harassment.

“Sexual harassment.”


22. Sexual assault.

“Sexual assault. Seriously. It sickens me how many people make jokes about women who men who get harassed. If a drunk girl grabs a guy’s junk it’s hot. When a guy does it it’s assault. It fucking sickens me.”


23. Playing dumb to avoid consequences.

“Playing dumb to avoid consequences. I’ve found that over the years if I screw something up or do something that isn’t allowed, playing naïve and dumb to a man in a position of authority (typically older men) often gets me off scot-free. (It’s a main reason I prefer to have a male boss…. lol)”


24. Crime.

“Assault, Blackmail, Fraud, Statutory Rape … basically anything that would go through the court system that would send men to prison, women will get probation or less.”


25. Everything, really.

“Pretty well anything.
• Demanding access to jobs that require specific types of physical capabilities to do effectively, such that rules have to be pretzeled and safety severely compromised (firefighter, cop, marine, etc.)
• Ignoring high-paying but dirty jobs (oil rig worker, sanitation worker, etc.) in favour of cushy office work. Corollary: demanding gender quotas in cushy office jobs but being absolutely silent on the dirty, hard jobs.
• Preferential treatment as students via gynocentric teaching techniques, to the point where boys are becoming severely disadvantaged at all educational levels.
• Assumed victim status in all domestic violence incidents (the Duluth model) despite real-world evidence showing a near-50/50 split between male and female perpetrators.
• Access to shelters that are for their gender only.
• Access to shelters that also accept children under their care.
• Battered spouse recovery services.
• Not being automatically assumed to be a pedophile around children.
• Initiation of nearly three-quarters of all divorces because of “unhappiness” and “dissatisfaction” in the relationship (hint: most male-initiated divorces typically occur only when things become truly untenable).
• Assumption of “primary parental figure”.
• Winner of custody in nearly four-fifths of all cases, despite robust career and ex-spouse interest in the children.
• Recipient of child support in nearly all cases of custody, despite robust career and ex-spouse interest in the children.

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