25 Things Women Get Away With That Men Can’t

6. Domestic abuse.

“Domestic abuse. The male victim is more likely to be arrested than the female abuser. Didn’t know about the Duluth model, what an awful yet expected policy.”


7. Groping.

“Groping in general. I’ve had strange women come up to me at a bar and touch my arm or chest without saying a word. If I did that to a woman I’d be on my ass out on the street in a heartbeat.”


8. Goofy, silly, and emotional behavior.

“We can get away with goofy/silly behavior as well as emotional behavior. Honestly the idea if ‘emasculation’ is a huge disservice to men. The idea that they have something as a man that will be taken away if they act too ‘feminine’ or ‘childlike’ (anything that does not fit within the strict social parameters or manliness). Men are raised to act like they have super thick skin and are treated like they should be able to take anything because they are a man.

I feel like the freedom to be myself without ridicule, is only had because I am a woman.”


9. Talking to random children.

“Talking to random a child that looks like needs help. so many times I’ve seen people talk about how they tried helping a lost child but got accused of being a pedo on this site.”


10. Rejecting someone romantically and laughing about it.

“Rejecting a guy and then laughing about him afterwards. It’s alright to laugh at a guy because he’s not prince charming but vice versa it’s seen as bullying because women ‘feel more emotion’ over these things.”


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