23 People Describe The Horror Of Watching Someone Die Violently

13. I looked down and blood splatters were on my arm, shirt, and cigarette.

“I was standing in a gated smoking area at the back of a bar one Saturday night. I was smoking and talking to a friend and random people when out of the corner of my eye I could see two guys walking up from a parking lot outside of the gated area. I didn’t think too much about it because I was tipsy and no fights or aggressive behavior was occurring that night. When the two guys got to the gate, which was waist height, they climbed over and just stood there. At that time, I thought they were sneaking in to avoid the cover, then calmly one of them walked up to some guy in the crowd and shot him in the back of the head behind the ear. The only thing I could compare it to was a streaming blood fountain from the nose, mouth, and bullet exit (maybe). They guy didn’t drop like the movies, it seemed like an eternity but was problem only a few seconds, he stood there with 80’s style special FX blood spraying the smoking area. EVERYONE ran, except for me. I was in complete shock and stood there eyes wide. I remembered going to put the cigarette in my mouth when I tasted something funny. I looked down and blood splatters were on my arm, shirt, and cigarette.

I scrubbed myself that night like you see in the movies where someone feels they can’t get clean. I couldn’t get the image of the bloody cigarette and taste out my mind for a couple days.”


14. I saw that day how easy it was to kill, be killed, and how fast you could die.

“A friend and I had been mowing yards most of the day, we were in high school. He could buy beer. We stop at the store and I noticed a car parked on the side of the store. A man in the car was yelling at a woman inside the car. We got our beer and my friend lived three houses away and we sat on the porch cooling down having a beer. The car sped away from the store and went out of sight. In a couple of minutes it was back. The yelling continued. The woman got out of the car and the car sped away again. I thought that was strange. There was a side street that started right across from my friend’s porch. The car turns onto that street and stops on the wrong side of the street in front of a house set back from the street a little bit. The man in the car opens the door and steps out, he’s standing in between the car door and the seat yelling at the house now. He’s yelling in Spanish so I couldn’t understand what was being said. A man comes out of the house, he’s not saying anything back to the yelling man. the man turns around and goes back into the house. My friend and I think that’s the end. In about 20 seconds the guy comes back out, levels a 22 revolver at the man at the car, fires once, sees the man drop, and goes back into the house. My friend and I can’t believe what we just saw. We cautiously make our way over to the man lying in the street. No one comes to the house door so we check on the man at our feet. I stoop down and no pulse. He’s got one tiny hole in his temple. A tiny trickle of blood about two inches long runs out of the hole. That’s it he’s dead. No pulse, he’s not breathing, no moaning, just nothing. We sat there with him till the cops came. We said we heard the shot and saw the guy walk away into the house and that’s it. We didn’t say we saw it all. The man in the house admitted what he did. The cops let us leave and we went back to the porch. My friend understood Spanish. He told me that the parts he could hear were about infidelity. We finish our beer and watch what went on for about an hour while we finish our beers. The whole thing from store to dead didn’t take 5 minutes. I saw that day how easy it was to kill, be killed, and how fast you could die. I’m in my mid 50’s now and I remember it like it happened an hour ago. All I’m going to say is It changed me. I think I was 16.”


15. He got totally creamed by an oncoming Mack truck.

“My dad was driving me home from school when I was 10-ish. We were the front-most vehicle stopped at a red light when we saw a motorcycle turn into the intersection and get totally creamed by an oncoming Mack truck. Traffic stopped and people ran out of their cars to help him, but his motorcycle was pinned under the truck’s grill with him still on it. A squad car promptly showed up and one of the officers started waving traffic through the intersection, so we ended up leaving before we saw the ambulance arrive.

We read in the news that the poor cyclist died at the scene.”



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