23 People Describe The Horror Of Watching Someone Die Violently

10. It was the sound of his head smacking the ground that is truly haunting.

“Circa 2014. Where I’m from we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day pretty heavy here, a huge parade tons of drinking early in the morning, the whole nine yards. Well some friends and I met up around 4 blocks from where the parade started at about 11am usually the parade starts around 2PM. After we finished up the pre-game at my friend’s house we decided to catch the metro rail to the parade. Well where I’m from St. Patty’s day is a huge drinking fest so the terminal was jam packed with drunk people waiting to get on, so we waited about a solid 15 minutes to catch a rather empty train. Skip forward about 20 minutes and we arrive at terminal B to arrive at the parade. We all get off the train and we see a group of about 10 EXTREMELY drunk people goofing around on the escalators. Running around goofing around when one of the kids says ‘I’m going to beat you guys to the bottom!’ and jumps off of the escalator. I am confident the gentleman did not know how high the escalator actually was. long story short, it was about 30-40 feet high. The man fell head first. It was to this day the worst and most disgusting sound I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. A pool of blood surrounded the guy’s head. There was one security guard in the terminal frantic as could be calling for police and the group of friends was absolutely devastated. Screaming frantically the group of friends tried to approach the guy lying in his own pool of blood, the security guard assured the group of friends they didn’t want to see the guy in the condition he was in. I’m 90% sure the man died that day. I walked by the lifeless body on the way out of the terminal and the side of the man’s face looked rather flat against the ground. It was the worst thing I’ve ever saw in my life. It ruined the rest of my friend groups day and we ended up heading home early all slightly buzzed instead of hammered as per usual. I have not attended the parade since….

This is something I will NEVER forget. Like I said it was the sound of his head smacking the ground over everything that is truly haunting. The sound of a sack of potatoes hitting the ground is probably the most accurate.”


11. I saw red on the floor and her eyes closed.

“Back at my first ever job at a dollar store in a not so good area of town, it was me and my night manager working the night shift and five minutes before closing, and locking the door; two of our regular customers walked in to buy snacks for a movie night after they left we were gonna lock up count the drawers go home. Simple run of the mill night. It was the slowest day we ever had, as the customers were checking out another man walked in with a sweater wrapped around his head. My first thought was ‘Wow he must be really hot in the 98 degree Texas night.’ And then he pushed his way to the front and the gun came up and was less than a foot from my face and he said ‘Open the drawer.’ I took a step back said I don’t know how to (I knew but I figured if I did it I outlived my usefulness and boom no more Tonito) my manager tells him ‘Don’t point it at him he doesn’t know how.’ She came round and opened hers with the guy following behind her. At this time one of the customers turned out to be a CHL holder drew on the robber and fired. If I didn’t duck 5 seconds before who knows what would’ve happened. A small gunfight ensued. 30 seconds later when I got my hearing back I asked my manager ‘What do we do now?’ I got no response. I figured she was deaf from the shots. I asked again while moving closer. I saw red on the floor and her eyes closed. I tapped her to ask if she’s okay and she collapsed. Bullet hit her heart, (come to find out it was the customer’s bullet that killed her) and that was that. Less than 5 minutes before all of this we were talking about her first-year wedding anniversary and the gifts she was going to get her husband. It’s been six years I still have nightmares about it. Only good thing about this is that I found the job I love which led me to the woman I love.”


12. The brick hit him straight in the head, and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

“Walking home from school aged 12. Some of the rougher lads in my year were forever roughing up this one lad, pure bullying like. On that day, they chased after him. I was a pretty geeky introvert and walking with my equally geeky friend so we’re just walking hoping the rougher tougher lads didn’t take exception to us.

They chased him about a hundred yards ahead and sort of had him on the ground. Giving him a bad time like kicking and hitting. Not majorly beating his ass but must have been horrible for him. They got bored and let him go.

He jumped up crying and ran off like a shot. Thinking it was done the rough lads swaggered off, when all of a sudden the lad they had beaten up came running down the road and launched a house brick at the group of them. It hit this one last straight in the head, and he dropped like a sack of potatoes.

The lad who threw the brick ran off and everyone went into absolute panic trying to wake the unconscious lad up. Being 12 no fucker knew what to do…some staff from a nearby care home came out and tried CPR, but he was dead.”



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