23 People Describe The Horror Of Watching Someone Die Violently

4. It was bad, she was decapitated, and the smell was something I will never forget.

“Saw a pedestrian get hit by a tractor trailer. It was bad, she was decapitated, and the smell was something I will never forget.”


5. I saw a man stoned to death.

“When I was in the Peace Corps in Ghana, I saw a man stoned to death.

He had stolen a taxi in a nearby city and brought it to the village I was staying in. Unfortunately for him, the man he stole the taxi from, was from the village he brought it to (I am not sure how he didn’t know this, as it seemed everyone knew everyone in the surrounding villages/cities). The villagers ganged up on him and stoned him in the street. Men, women and children all participated.

It was a very strange, surreal experience, and horrifying. None of the volunteers knew what to do.

All the peace corps volunteers in the village received counseling to process. It’s been over 10 years and I still think about that day often.”

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6. His throat and face were practically cut open; his chest was just tomato juice.

“I am a combat veteran and have witnessed plenty of violent deaths but one that I guess stands out happened in late 1969.

My unit (12th Cavalry) was conducting operations right along the Cambodian border, clearing the area of NVA (North Vietnamese Army) troops (this was in the Binh Long province).

Well, one day we were clearing this small village and me (this was my second tour) and two new recruits named Private McLaughlin (from Long Island) and Private Storm (from Wyoming) and another guy on his first tour (but had been in Vietnam for a few months) PFC Romano (from San Fran) had to clear this small hut.

Anyway, we break down the door, and Storm walks in first and gets shot immediately (in the stomach). McLaughlin just sprays the inside of the house, but when he runs out of ammo, he drops his gun and just runs inside the hut. (McLaughlin was a stupid hothead and was best friends with Storm so I think he went inside the hut to drag him out.)

Well, me and Romano were at the bottom of the staircase heading up to the hut (we had ducked when the first round of fire broke out). Well now were hauling ass up the stairs after McLaughlin because he just charged into a house without his goddamn weapon. Well, we hear screaming and when we enter the house we see McLaughlin in hand to hand fight with this NVA soldier. We can’t shoot because him and McLaughlin are constantly shifting positions and we don’t want to shoot McLaughlin.

I start screaming at McLaughlin to let go of him and get away so I can shoot him (Romano went to storm and dragged him out of the hut). But McLaughlin wasn’t listening and was just screaming all this shit like “Fuck you, you goddamn gook!” and all this other shit at the top of his lungs so he couldn’t hear me.

Well he ends up pulling out his bayonet to stab the guy, but then he grabs on to McLaughlin’s throat. Then McLaughlin tries to stab him in the throat but just gets him in the shoulder and they both collapse. I still can’t shoot because McLaughlin is blocking my view. I can see the NVA soldier’s hangs gouging at McLaughlin’s eyes though. McLaughlin just starts stabbing like with so much rage and venom and is screaming like a madman. The NVA soldier is screaming too. By this time another group of guys had come into the hut with all the commotion.

Well McLaughlin is just starts slashing the guys throat and face for a few seconds before the NVA soldier finally dies. McLaughlin keeps stabbing him though and hitting him and finally we guys have to pull him of this corpse that looks like a Jack the Ripper victim. His throat and face were practically cut open; his chest was just tomato juice. Even I couldn’t look at it for more than a few seconds.

I later slapped McLaughlin for being a fucking idiot and putting himself and other men in danger by charging into the house without a firearm. McLaughlin ended up being a total nutcase and I think that one killing really messed him up. He became way to violent and unpredictable and after 3 months he got a court martial for stabbing another soldier. Storm survived though he never came back to Vietnam. No idea what happened to either of them after Vietnam.”



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