23 People Confess The Dark Secret They Will Never Tell Their Family

21. My neighbor anally raped me when I was about 8 or 9.

“When I was young about 8 or 9, I had a neighbor, who is about five years older than me, that I use to hang out with. Now this neighbor was to put it nicely not the nicest person in the world he was frankly kind of a dick and someone who was, in retrospect, not someone who I should have hung out with. Now their family was and still is a family friend of ours, and I am still friends with the person’s siblings. Now let me get on with the story, when I was young I hung out with them and they taught me things that were highly inappropriate for a kid my age like sex and other graphic things. Now me being the young kid that I was I didn’t think anything of it, it was the coolest thing on the planet for me. Well this got me into trouble later because they taught me many things which I shouldn’t have learned and it led me to wanting to try it. Now you have to understand, the person teaching me was of the same sex as me and I didn’t know any better, so it led to them taking advantage of me. At first it was small things like touching each other and the occasional squeezing. Then it got worse; it was winter after my 8th or 9th birthday and it was cold so we holed up in his mud room. We did what we normally did but it escalated, they made me perform oral sex on them, when after that they performed anal sex on me. It went on for about an hour and then everything ended. At this point my whole world changed. I became more withdrawn, although my parents didn’t notice or my siblings. They never knew about it and the fact that I became more withdrawn had to coincidentally to do with the moving of said neighbor. I am still friends with their siblings but I could never go near that person ever again. I have nightmares about it every so often because of it, but I can’t ever forget it. I have only told three other people, one was my girlfriend and the others were some close friends. I have a hard time trusting people and connecting with them emotionally. Now I have a severe case of depression and have attempted to kill myself multiple times. It is hard because I can’t give the name of the person who did it because it is someone that my family knows, but also because the memory is still after all these years so fresh in my mind that I can’t stop thinking about it every so often.”


22. My gynecologist raped me in an exam room.

I’m heartbroken and damaged. My gynecologist raped me in an exam room. I know the first thought I had was going to the police but he ‘groomed’ me so well and actually convinced me that this was supposed to happen I actually saw him a few more times and then he started stalking me and I moved. I have an amazing family husband and children. I can never ever ever tell my husband. I had confided in my doctor how I was violently sexually abused by a relative when I was little and he used that against me. I don’t know how to move past it?”


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