23 People Confess The Dark Secret They Will Never Tell Their Family

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Found on AskReddit.

1. I’m a pedophile.

“I’m a pedophile. NOT an abuser. I would never in a million years do something like that to a child, or patronize the images or videos of people who do. I can guarantee that I’d kick the ass of anyone who tried to do that to my kids. Those people are despicable and subhuman. It’s not hard to have the self-control to not rape someone. That should be expected of everyone. The fact, however, remains that I have attractions and urges that are unhealthy and unwanted.

Unfortunately, here in America, the distinction between non-offending pedophiles and child abusers is not seen, so people like myself, who would like help, can’t get it. I can’t talk to a psychologist about it, because they would likely report me for ‘child endangerment’ which is not an issue for me. But I have a job. A degree. A family. I can’t risk losing all of that.”


2. Me and one of my cousins were banging for close to a decade. We’re both dudes.

“Me and one of my cousins were banging for close to a decade. Luckily no one got pregnant. Probably because we’re both dudes.”


3. Me and my beautiful female cousin had sex.

“Both sides of the family always literally said out loud that I was the handsome male cousin and ‘S’ was the beautiful female cousin. We heard that all the time growing up and we agreed with it. So we had sex.”


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