20 Stories Of The Worst Roommates EVER (Told By The 20 People Who Had To Live With Them)


1. They brought hell into the house

HIGH SCHOOL FRIEND!! She and her gf moved in after my previous roommates moved out. I apologized that I couldn’t help them when I was at work, and we discussed furniture and other things that were already furnished in my apartment. When I came home from work, there were three more couches in my tiny living room. One literally stacked on top of my couch. My friend said that her mom made her take everything and she had nowhere to put most of her stuff.

The second bedroom was their clothing room, which after three weeks was so full of stuff that the door would no longer open. They never opened it for the next two months. They put my dining room table on its side to set up a Christmas tree, which was up for two months after Christmas. I worked 60 hours a week and had no patience for it. If I asked them to clean, nothing happened. They smoked weed in their room everyday, both lost their jobs at WalMart, and eventually shut themselves in their room.

I’m allergic to rabbits, and one day I came home and there was one just sitting in my living room, staring at me with this strangely cute but horribly misplaced rabbit face. I told them I was allergic and they got rid of it after a week. And replaced it with a snake, which they did not have a cage for.

I started defending my “honor” after they were there for three weeks, and my mom helped me remove and throw out their old couches after lots of convincing. I work full time and was doing this as a favor to old high school friends, very poor decision moving from a small town to a city and offering them a hand.

Eventually I couldn’t walk in the house, there were dishes in the bathtub and I was staying at my bf’s house every night just to avoid their shit-lives. Then, one day (after four months), I came home, and their bedroom was empty. My living room was full of their extra boxes and months of garbage. I still couldn’t open the second bedroom. Their bedroom had food and rotten garbage all over. The living room and my bedroom were sparkling clean (holla holla at my personal space) and the kitchen was truly the toilet of God and Lucifer.

They left without paying rent, and they literally disappeared. This was a CLOSE friend of mine from high school. They changed their numbers and completely fucked off. I have not had a roommate since. I’m not the best person in the world, but fuck if I’ll ever let myself go through that again.

— usethistosaydumbshit

2. She tried to get me kicked out of the dorm

My college roommate, Annie, and I did not get along.

My first day there she put up a curtain dividing the room and told me never to speak to her unless she asked me too.

So a few months go by and we mostly live in silent resentment. Untill one day Annie decided that she wanted her friend to live in the room instead and that I was the spawn of Satan (I liked punk rock, had multiple piercings and pink hair) so she launched a campaign to get me to leave or kicked out.

First she said that I was smoking in the room(I don’t smoke), then she inexplicably took all of my sheets, planted rotten food under my bed, then (my personal favorite) told the ra (my boyfriends cousin) that I was a lesbian.

Predictably, none of this worked, so her next ploy was to make sure I caught her and her boyfriend screwing on my bed.

When that also didn’t work, she physically attacked me.

After that last one, I just walked out and never came back to the room. I reported Annie, she got kicked out and then I rented a house with my friends off campus.


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