20 Of The Most Terrifying Accounts Of Sleep Paralysis Ever Recorded

15. Friends With Spiders

I had an experience where I was sort of awake/waking up and had two people who were my best friends at the time sitting on either side of me (I was laying completely straight) but they had these crazy looking faces and were so dark and shadowy after them sitting on either side of me looking creepy as fuck for a while they started throwing just fucking loads of these giant ass spiders all over me, they were running up my torso and all over me. I was dying to move and put on my light but just couldn’t move a muscle.


16. Lucid Dreaming Gone Wrong

Tried to lucid dream for months. Did all the right things, kept a dream journal, checked for dream signs, etc. One night I finally found out I was dreaming. I remember being so overjoyed I was dreaming, I woke up. People say to stay calm when you realize you’re dreaming or else you can enter sleep paralysis. Whoops. I saw shadows darting around the room, and heard a witch cackling at the foot of my bed. I even felt the pressure of the bed shift as she sat by my feet. I experienced this for about half an hour until I forced myself to go to sleep to make it stop. Worst fucking time of my life. Never tried lucid dreaming again.


17. The Growling Only GOt Louder

I have recurring sleep paralysis. Mine generally all feel the same, certainly cause the same terror despite the fact that I am aware now that it’s sleep paralysis. It’s like my hallucinations react to my self-awareness.

It began as a demonic fuzzy dark figure that would hover above my bed and suck the breath out of my mouth from about 6 inches away. Gasping for air and struggling to move, I would lay for several minutes (felt like eternity) until finally I’d break from it, sit up in a panic startling my girlfriend, and it would of course be gone. Prior to reading up about sleep paralysis, I actually thought it was possible these were actual paranormal incidents (despite not being a religious person — to the contrary, very scientific minded). That’s just how realistic and terrifying these events are.

The next time it happened I had read about sleep paralysis. So I heard something slip into bed next to me, and as I struggled to turn my head to the left to look (I was paralyzed, obviously), it started to slowly growl and get angrier and started to rise above me. So I quickly averted my eyes straight up again at the ceiling and the creature started to calm its breathing next to me. I thought to myself “Oh man, it’s sleep paralysis. This is kinda cool. Let’s try to keep calm and figure it out.”

But each time I tried to control it or move, the creature would get angry, and I would involuntarily feel my heart rate go up and get really stressed. So I decided I’d just fall asleep, power through it. That’s when the creature whispered “Yes, just fall asleep. You’ll be safe” in a sinister sarcastic way. Which just made me more nervous.

And each time I tried to power through the sleep, I’d hear more creatures start crawling up my walls making horrifying sounds and I’d have to open my eyes to see what was going on — and they’d scatter.

So finally I decided I’d just wake up. So I strained and strained to raise my arms and roll over and finally I broke out of the paralysis and everything of course was gone.

And now, it just keeps escalating. The more aware of these incidents I become, the more I try to control or fight them, the more insidious and scary they get. It’s actually pretty awful.



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